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  • 11G176 Thermostat blanking sleeve
    Removal of the thermostat helps to reduce engine temperature, however a thermostat blanking sleeve should be fitted to maintain correct coolant circulation to the entire head. Failure to do so will cause overheating around #3 and #4 combustion chambers, with obviously disastrous results. When the blanking sleeve is used it is also necessary to blank off the by-pass hose (not found on late heads) between the head and water pump.
  • 11G227 Radiator bracket & cowl grommet
    Rubber grommet used on all top radiator to cylinder head brackets as well as the bottom bracket on earlier two piece radiator cowlings. Sold singly.
  • 11G228 Radiator mount bolt for two piece shroud
    Special shouldered bolt for attaching the radiator housing to the upper and lower mounting brackets on earlier two piece radiator shrouds. Use with 11G227 rubber grommet. Sold singly
  • 12A2075 Bypass hose tube for cylinder head
    Longer type cylinder head adaptor tube on underside of cylinder head. Frequently rusted on old heads and requiring replacement when head is overhauled
  • 12A2153 Lower radiator bracket for one piece cowl
    Lower radiator bracket for one piece cowl. Uses horizontal bolt 12G4270 to attach to engine mount. This is the round nose mini bracket, Clubman version is at a different angle
  • 12A312 4mm thick fan spacer
    Fan spacer, used on most side-radiator Minis, except Clubman models. 4mm thick steel. Can be grouped up to give varing distances of fan to radiator. Sold singly
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    12B2062 Vacuum hose elbow
    Vaccum hose elbow. For distributor to carb advance hose. Also a good upgrade for MAP sensor hoses on injection cars
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  • 12G103 Thermostat housing
    Thermostat housing so suit most minis. Uses GTG101 gasket
  • 12G1053-S Alternator mounting bracket
    Original alternator mounting bracket for pre-A+ engines. Also required when converting from a generator to alternator on earlier cars
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    12G2129 11 blade plastic fan blade
    11 blade plastic fan, one of the most efficient fans ever fitted to a Mini. This fan pushes a lot of air with very little noise. Old fans with curled blades will have seriously compromised cooling campared to a new fan. It's also crucial to ensure the fan is fitted the correct way around. Our picture shows the side of the fan that must face the engine
  • 12G2453 Radiator top bracket - 1275GT Clubman
    Top radiator bracket for 1275GT Mini Clubman
  • 12G2627 Alternator adjustment bracket
    Curved alternator adjusting bracket
  • 12G4180 45D pre A+ points distributor to suit 1275 engines
    45D distributor with vac for Pre A+ 1300cc engine including Mini 1275GT, Sprite and Midget in line engines with advance curve to suit modern fuels
  • 12G4270 Lower radiator mount to cowl bolt for one piece cowling
    Bolt to attach one piece radiator cowling to 12A2153 bracket
  • 12G617 Radiator top bracket - 1275 round nose mini
    Top radiator bracket for 1275cc engines. This is the correct length bracket when fitting a 1275cc engine into a round nose mini. Mini Clubman requires a wider bracket 12G2453
  • 12G617S Radiator top bracket in Stainless Steel - 1275 round nose mini
    Top radiator bracket for 1275cc engines. This is the correct length bracket when fitting a 1275cc engine into a bull nose mini. Made from polished stainless steel for added bling
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    13H222 L/H MK1 tail lamp assembly
    Perfect reproductions left hand MK1 tail light, complete with lenses, chrome base and gaskets
  • 13H223 R/H MK1 tail lamp assembly
    Perfect reproductions right hand MK1 tail light, complete with lenses, chrome base and gaskets
  • 13H2934MS Rear crank seal, uprated
    Introduced for competition engines where the increased rev limits or temperature can cause LUF10005 or 13H2934 seals to leak, this fits all minis except automatic
  • 13H300 Clutch hose, pre verto
    If the clutch pedal becomes stiff or is slow to return it is a symptom of a failing clutch flexi hose. This hose will cure the problem
  • 13H337 Ignition switch MK1/2 and early MK3
    Dashboard mounted ignition switch MK1/2 and early MK3
  • 13H396 Clutch slave push rod
    Clutch slave pushrod for all minis. The eylet hole wears over time reducing the travel of the clutch arm. Most clutch problems we see are a combination of wear in the clutch arm, push rod and lever clevis pins
  • 13H5626 Wiper arm MK1/2
    Stainless steel standard wiper arm for MK1/2 cars. This arm is shaped to allow it to park on the driver side of vehicle. MK3 onwards this was changed to parking on passenger side. Uses GWB219 10" blade. Sold singly
  • 13H5629 Wiper arm MK3 onwards
    Stainless steel standard wiper arm for cars MK3 onwards. This arm is shaped to allow it to park on the passenger side of vehicle. Uses GWB219 10" blade. Sold singly
  • 13H5630 Heavy duty wiper arm
    Heavy duty wiper arm. 1mm thicker and 2mm wider than standard stainless steel arm. Fitted with a stronger spring to keep blade firmly pushed on the screen when motorway driving or at speed. Requires GWB220 blade. Arm parks to the pasenger side of vehicle. Sold singly
  • 13H5952 Starter solenoid, 3 pin
    Starter solenoid for inertia starters, 3 pin
  • 13H6010 Rear numberplate lamp seal
    Rear numberplate lamp seal. For MK4 cars with lamp above numberplate
  • 13H6342 Headlamp switch MK2/3
    Headlamp rocker switch for MK2/3 cars
  • 13H6343 Windscreen wiper switch MK2/3 single speed
    Windscreen wiper switch MK2/3 for single speed motor
  • 13H6444 Windscreen wiper switch MK3 twin speed
    Windscreen wiper switch MK3 for twin speed motor
  • 13H6479 Tail lamp R/H MK2/3
    R/H rear tail lamp assembly for MK2/3 cars. Supplied with lamp to body sealing rubber
  • 13H6480 Tail lamp L/H MK2/3
    L/H rear tail lamp assembly for MK2/3 cars. Supplied with lamp to body sealing rubber
  • 13H6900-S Rear numberplate lamp holder - used
    Metal rear number plate lamp housing for MK3 cars onwards - used condition. The metal housing is supplied "as is where is" in a variety of colours and will need to be sanded and painted to suit your vehicle. Housing is supplied less lamp inserts PRC1230A of which two are required. Gasket for lamp is 13H6010 and is additional also
  • 13H7779 Indicator stalk MK2/3
    Indicator stalk fitted to MK2/3 on Kiwi assembled cars. This model of car has a single column stalk on the right hand side of the steering column. This is a genuine MG Rover switch which is far more reliable than Chinese copies currently being sold by some vendors
  • 14A7286 Radiator surround rubber
    One piece radiator surround rubber for MK1/2 and early MK3 pre 1975 minis. This rubber attached to the inner wing shroud when fitted to help contain air flow from the radiator. Not suitable for SPI minis
  • 14A7550S Van, estate and ute rear bumper
    Van, estate and ute rear quarter bumper. Made in stainless steel to the original shape. Sold individually
  • 14A7776 Battery cover strap
    Rubber strap to secure battery cover
  • 14A7781RETRO MK1 grill surround
    MK1 grill "moustache" surround for MK1 grill.

    This item is in deep chrome on brass as per the original 1960s type to help prevent rusting. It has now been modified to fit with our grilles to all genuine front panels that are now available plus the originals and also gives the desired retro look on later cars. You will of course have to remove the bonnet moulding lip on later cars (1967 on) to allow this part to fit.
  • 14A7782 R/H MK1 grill surround
    R/H grill finishing whisker for MK1 cars. Fits using ADA3583 clip
  • 14A7783 L/H MK1 grill surround
    L/H grill finishing whisker for MK1 cars. Fits using ADA3583 clip
  • 14A9148 Interior lamp  MK1
    A high-quality reproduction of the MK1 interior lamp, with black switch. See LB254 for spare bulb
  • 14A9988MS Heater cable MK1
    Good quality reproduction of the original early heater control cable. Small black knob with "Push Heater" embossed in white letters. Firewall grommet for cable to pass through is CAM5969
  • 17H9971 Interior lamp cover MK1-MK3
    Interior lamp cover MK1-MK3. Fitted to cars from 1959 - 1974. Has more of a domed top than the later MK4 type
  • 1G5999 Clutch return spring
    Clutch return spring for pre-verto clutch
  • Featured
    21A1091 Heavy duty adjustable tie rods x 2
    A useful upgrade for any road Mini, these rods are made from heavier material and allow ample adjustment to achieve accurate caster angle. Supplied in pairs
  • 21A1440 rear subframe support pin
    The rear subframe of all years of the Mini is held to the body at the front with a trunion, pin and rubber bushes. The rubber provides great isolation, etc. but also can trap moisture and this results in a rusted pin.
  • 21A1496 Hydrolastic displacer gaiter
    The weathered and cracked rubber you see is not actually the hydro displacer bag, but rather this rubber boot to protect it. Sold singly
  • 21A1882 lower suspension arm bush
    Original style lower arm rubber bush with a metal insert. This fits all post 65 lower suspension arms with tapered recess for bush. Sold singly
  • 21A1882MS lower suspension arm bush
    Lower arm top hat bush in poly to fit all lower arms with twin taper as standard from 1965. Fitted with a metal bush insert these are made in black polyurethane. Sold singly
  • 21A2553 Steering rack anti-friction strip
    This plain looking plastic strip is used on all mini steering racks, between the U bolts and steering rack. Most likely fitted to prevent galvanic corrosion between steel U bolts and alloy rack body. Sold singly

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