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  • 14A7550S Van, estate and ute rear bumper
    Van, estate and ute rear quarter bumper. Made in stainless steel to the original shape. Sold individually
  • 14A7781RETRO MK1 grill surround
    MK1 grill "moustache" surround for MK1 grill.

    This item is in deep chrome on brass as per the original 1960s type to help prevent rusting. It has now been modified to fit with our grilles to all genuine front panels that are now available plus the originals and also gives the desired retro look on later cars. You will of course have to remove the bonnet moulding lip on later cars (1967 on) to allow this part to fit.
  • 14A7782 R/H MK1 grill surround
    R/H grill finishing whisker for MK1 cars. Fits using ADA3583 clip
  • 14A7783 L/H MK1 grill surround
    L/H grill finishing whisker for MK1 cars. Fits using ADA3583 clip
  • 24A198 MK1 thin slat Austin grill
    MK1 Austin grill with 11 thin slats
  • 24A2158 MK1 Morris Cooper grill
    Morris Cooper and S grill. The slats are made in automotive type 430 stainless steel for durability
  • 24A2175 Upper boot lid hinge gasket
    Upper boot lid hinge gasket. Sold singly
  • 24A2176 Lower boot lid hinge gasket
    Lower boot lid hinge gasket. Sold singly
  • 24A2708 Bonnet mounding plastic seat
    This plastic seating trim pushes onto the rear of ALA6559 bonnet mouldings to protect paint from scratches and give a more finished look
  • 37H4836 Stainless steel wiper motor strap
    Upgraded product in stainles steel. You probably will never break this item, you're more likely to buy it for it's looks. This mounting strap fits all late model cars with the round wiper motor. The strap is polished stainless steel complete with rubber cushion
  • 37H6316 Wiper spindle 6 sided imperial nut
    6 sided chrome nut for MK1/2 wiper wheel boxes. Sold singly
  • 37H7201C Chrome wiper bezel set
    Brighten up your car with these chromed plinths for the wiper wheel box on MK3 Minis on to the very last models. Includes 8 sided nut for all MK3 cars 1970 on
  • 37H7201MS Standard wiper wheel box bezel set in plastic
    Black bushes for wiper wheelboxes. Sold as a wiper wheel box set(one above the windscreen scuttle cowl and one under the cowl). Two sets required per car.

    To fit early MK1/2 cars cut down the bezel that fits under the panel work part (this part has a ridge) by about 4mm or use old bush as template.
  • 37H7738 Wiper spindle 8 sided metric nut
    8 sided nut for the MK3 on wiper wheel box soindle (37H7200). Sold singly
  • 37H8108 Grill end moulding plastic seat
    This plastic seating trim pushes onto the rear of ALA6508/ALA6509 grill mouldings to protect paint from scratches and give a more finished look. Sold singly
  • 8B12396 Stainless steel wiper hole bung
    Stainless steel grommet with nut fitting and rubber seal . If cleaned regularly these will stay smart and bright for a lifetime. Sold individually
  • ADA3583 Grill
    Moustache whisker clip for MK 1 grill. The end pieces of trim on the MK1 grille moulding known as the moustache. Usually 3 per side fitted, sold individually
  • ALA6508 R/H grill moulding MK2 on
    R/H grill moulding for MK2 onwards grills. The plastic chrome seating for this is 37H8108
  • ALA6509 L/H grill moulding MK2 on
    L/H grill moulding for MK2 onwards grills. The plastic chrome seating for this is 37H8108
  • ALA6559 Bonnet moulding MK2 on
    Known as a top grille moulding, this part actually attaches to a lip on the bonnet of MK2 onwards Minis. The plastic seating that this moulding sits on is 24A2708
  • ALA6654MS MK2 on thin slat grill
    This MK2/3 grill will fit any car from 1968 and has top slat shaped for access to bonnet catch. The 11 thin slats are highly polished anodized aluminum
  • ALA6668 MK2 Cooper style grill - external release bonnet
    As fitted to MK2 Coopers but will fit any later mini. This grill has 8 wide slats in anodised alloy. Top slat is scalloped to allow access the bonnet release catch. Later 90's minis used a similar grill (ALA6669) which has a solid top slat as these cars had an internal bonnet pull mechanism
  • ALA6669 MK2 Cooper style grill - internal release bonnet
    This Cooper style grill has 8 wide slats in anodised alloy. Designed for use on later Rover minis with internal bonnet release mechanism. The top bar of this grill is not scalloped out like earlier versions as there is no requirement to access bonnet release from the front of the car
  • CRT10004 Rear view mirror suction cup
    Suction pad for rear view mirrors with prong and ball on stem
  • CZH600 Clubman front bumper
    Mini Clubman front bumper, a very good copy produced from new tooling in a high quality chrome finish
  • DPB10165MS Stainless steel bumper
    A good fitting aftermarket version of the mini bumper in stainless steel for longevity from corrosion. We supply our bumpers with securing nuts and fittings. Fits front or rear on regular front mini saloons and can also be used on rear of Mini Clubman saloon. Sold singly
  • GAM215A R/H Stainless steel door mirror
    R/H Tex stainless steel/chrome door mirror as fitted to production minis from 1970 to 1980. These large 3" x 5.5" mirrors have also been used on many later models of the Mini and provide great rearward vision. Supplied with plastic mounting plinth and fitting instructions
  • GRILLE02 MK2/3 thin slat grill
    MK2/3 style grill with 11 anodised alloy slats and scalloped top slat for external bonnet release catch
  • GRILLE10
    Full grull surround kitt for all grills MK2 onwards
  • GWW1080 Windscreen washer jet
    Press fit plastic washer jet for minis with a D shape hole in scuttle panel. Sold singly
  • GWW506 Windscreen washer bottle non return valve
    Small one way valve fitted to pipe inside washer bottles to prevent fluid return, thus keeping washer lines primed with fluid
  • GWW801 Twin washer jet, chrome
    Chromed metal twin washer jet. Secured with nut to the scuttle panel. Sold singly
  • GWW807 Windscreen washer jet, MK1/2 style
    Black plastic single nozzle washer jet styled afer MK1/2 type jet. Secured with nut to the scuttle panel. Sold singly
  • GWW810 Chrome washer jet, single nozzle
    Chrome washer jet with single nozzle. Secured with nut to the scuttle panel. Sold singly
  • M90999 R/H Tex mirror fitting kit for minis 1980 on
    Later model minis came with mirrors as standard and have two pre-drilled holes in each door skin fitted with threaded insert nuts. This kit allows the fitment of GAM215A/GAM107 mirrors utilising the existing mount holes on door. If plastic plinth gets damaged this can also be used as a replacement part
  • MS389 Twin washer jet, black plastic
    Black plastic twin washer jet. Secured with nut to the scuttle panel. Sold singly
  • MSA1147 Stainless steel rear view mirror
    Stainless steel rear view mirror. This mirror is 6" long and will fit any model of Mini EXCEPT FOR TWIN POINT which attach to the special screen itself. Supplied with fixing screws
  • MSSK025 Overider & corner bar kit
    The "Deluxe" models of all Minis and Cooper S variants included bumpers with these fancy over-riders and corner bars. This special kit is designed to provide all the pieces to add to your existing bumpers (holes will need to be be drilled in bumper for corner bars). Made from stainless steel for durability
  • RTC202A Wiper rack cable
    This is the spiral wound cable that is in the wiper rack tubes. Total length is 1.5m as this style cable was used on many British cars in period. Will need trimming down to length
  • 13H5626 Wiper arm MK1/2
    Stainless steel standard wiper arm for MK1/2 cars. This arm is shaped to allow it to park on the driver side of vehicle. MK3 onwards this was changed to parking on passenger side. Uses GWB219 10" blade. Sold singly
  • 13H5629 Wiper arm MK3 onwards
    Stainless steel standard wiper arm for cars MK3 onwards. This arm is shaped to allow it to park on the passenger side of vehicle. Uses GWB219 10" blade. Sold singly
  • 13H5630 Heavy duty wiper arm
    Heavy duty wiper arm. 1mm thicker and 2mm wider than standard stainless steel arm. Fitted with a stronger spring to keep blade firmly pushed on the screen when motorway driving or at speed. Requires GWB220 blade. Arm parks to the pasenger side of vehicle. Sold singly
  • 37H7200 Windscreen wiper wheelbox MK3 on
    Windscreen wiper wheel box fitted on MK3 Minis from 1971 on plus all Mini Clubman. 32 teeth. Comes with bushes and nut as shown. Sold singly
  • 520161 Wiper motor loom plug
    Loom plug for GXE7708 wiper motor
  • ALA6642 Wiper motor mounting pad
    Rubber insulation pad between wiper motor and bulkhead on cars MK3 onwards with round body type wiper motor
  • GWB219 10
    Standard 10" wiper blade in stainless steel for use with 13H5626/13H5629 wiper arms. Sold singly
  • GWB220 Heavy duty 11
    Heavy duty wiper blade. 1" longer than standard. Fits to 13H5630 arm. Sold singly
  • GWW906 Washer bottle 1lt
    Washer bottle fitted 1970 - 1980, 1lt capacity. Uses GWW951 cap
  • GWW918 Cylindrical washer bottle to suit earlier cars
    Plastic washer bottle with Tudor logo, 2"cap with internal tube and non return valve for early Minis
  • GXE7708 Wiper motor, two speed
    Round body two-speed wiper motor as found on Minis from about 1968. The internal drive gear is not included, see 608092A if required or use gera from old motor

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