Parts are being added to our catalogue regularly, and soon these will be available to purchase online. 

Please contact us should you wish to purchase any parts prior to this. 

  • CE1 Flywheel puller
    Don't try to remove the flywheel on a Mini without one of these special pullers. The tappered seat must by design be extremely tight and this special puller leverages in the correct place to make removal possible. And since you can not change the clutch without pulling the flywheel every Mini owner must have one of these. Supplied with imperial and metric bolt sets to enable removal of Verto and pre Verto flywheels
  • CE12 Rear main seal installation tool
    Clutch seal fitting tool. Has polished sleeve to safely install new seal over the splines of the primary gear and seal seating tool, to push the seal into its final location in the Flywheel housing
  • RST173 CV band tool
    Hand tool for securely fitting CV bands.

    Tool tensions band and has a cutting tool to snip band to size and also bend it towards the securing tabs in one motion, keeping tension on band.

    These bands are closet we have to factor style.

    See CLAMPPAIR for CV bands to suit this tool.
  • TOOL03 Ball joint and flywheel bolt 1.5
    Every mini owner will require this 1.5" socket at some stage as it does the pre A plus flywheel bolt when changing the clutch and also the swivel pin retaining nuts on your hubs plus the mainshaft/pinion nut in the gearbox. 1/2" Drive
  • 660330 Cone compressor
    Any time you do major suspension work on a Mini where it is necessary to compress the front spring (rubber cone). This sturdy tool makes the job easy.

    Tool comes with 2 center pins to work with early AF thread 1/2" fine thread and late metric thread cones.

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