Partial Rebuilds & Refurbishment

Full or partial rebuilds are our specialty. We can handle all aspects from strip down to bodywork, running gear, engines, interiors and final assembly. 

Many mini owners like to be “hands on” with the rebuild of their cars. It is very common for us to step in and help with aspects of a rebuild that customers don’t have the time, skills or equipment to complete on their own, particularly bodywork repairs. We are very flexible and can complete these tasks, leaving the home restorer to finish the more enjoyable aspects like re-assembly. 

Some common refurbishment tasks we regularly undertake include - 

  • panel replacement
  • subframe refurbishment
  • engine & gearbox rebuilds
  • brake upgrades
  • interior re-trimming
  • windscreen & glass replacement


This is our premier service, comprising of a total strip down followed by a nut and bolt rebuild to our customers required specification. At the end of the process we present the customer with a turn key car ready to drive away. 

A general breakdown of the process is as follows 

  • strip vehicle to component form
  • media blast body and panels
  • replace damaged & rusted body work
  • prime, seal and top coat body shell and panels
  • strip and refurbish subframes and running gear
  • rebuild engine & gearbox as required
  • assembly
  • interior trimming and glass
  • WOF and certification if required 

We oversee the entire process from a wreck to a turn key finished car. With the exception of paint top coats, which we out source, all other work is done in-house. We photograph the entire rebuild, giving the customer a fully documented history of the project. 

All body repairs are completed to our exacting standards. Rusted panels are removed, internal box sections and sub structure cleaned and repaired prior to fitment of new exterior panels. Original welding techniques are used to replicate the factory finish. If a complete panel is not available we will fabricate our own repair sections and butt-weld into position, giving an invisible repair. It is not uncommon in some cases to replace up to 50% of the panels on a rusty car.

All sub-assemblies such as subframes, suspension etc are fully stripped & refurbished. Any worn components are discarded and replaced with new. 

Once paintwork is complete the vehicle is reassembled. This can be to original spec for an historic vehicle or to a customer’s specification for a modified vehicle. 

Once assembly is complete we can arrange a WOF or certification if necessary.

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